What are the benefits of an AuctionACCESS membership?

AuctionACCESS provides simplified credentialing for over 320 wholesale auctions and online channels across North America. Dealers enrolling with AuctionACCESS will benefit from a centralized credentialing authority and have the ability to manage their auction registration information through one service. With and AuctionACCESS Mobile, dealers can manage and resolve any buying/selling issues, add or remove individuals on their account, and view their updated floor plan availability.

Who is eligible to become an AuctionACCESS member?

Membership is restricted to licensed, credentialed vehicle dealers and their authorized representatives. Authorized representatives is defined as individuals who are bona fide employees or contractors with a licensed dealership. Retail buyers or others not affiliated with a licensed dealership are not eligible for AuctionACCESS membership. For more information on membership eligibility, please review the Terms and Conditions at

How Do I get my AuctionACCESS Card?

AuctionACCESS stopped printing the plastic AuctionACCESS cards in March of 2020 and is transitioning to the AuctionACCESS Mobile Card.  Effective January 1, 2022, all existing plastic AuctionACCESS cards will be deactivated at subscribing auctions.

Your AuctionACCESS Mobile Card is available by downloading AuctionACCESS Mobile and following the below steps:


  • Log in to AuctionACCESS Mobile using your AuctionACCESS username and password
  • Scan the unique QR code within the app at participating auction kiosks.
  • Grab your bidder badge and enter the lanes.
How much does my membership cost?

The annual membership fee is $103 USD per individual in AuctionACCESS (plus applicable sales tax). There is no charge to the company or dealership itself, only to the individuals credentialed in AuctionACCESS. If an individual works for multiple companies, they are still only required to pay the annual $103 USD for their individual membership. Sales tax does apply where applicable.

How do I pay for my annual membership?

Payment can be made at any time through either the emailed invoice or one of the methods below. There are a number of ways to quickly and efficiently pay via credit, debit or ACH. As soon as payment is received and validated, your renewal will be processed and your account will be updated.  Payment can be made through one of the following options:


  • Pay via the payment link emailed to you 30 days in advance of your renewal date.
  • Go to to securely pay via credit, debit or ACH.
  • Call AuctionACCESS Customer Support at (205) 545-5612 and select the option to “Pay for my Membership.”
  • Log in to your account on and select “Renew my Membership.”
  • Log in to your account on AuctionACCESS Mobile and request a payment link via text or email.
  • Ask an auction dealer registration associate to send you a payment link via email or text.
Why do you charge sales tax on my AuctionACCESS annual membership?

The Supreme Court’s 2018 Wayfair decision upheld the economic nexus statute for states and expanded the ability for states to collect sales tax from remote sellers.  In addition, some state regulations enforce sales tax requirements for digital goods such as subscriptions and memberships.

Based on updated regulations, AuctionACCESS membership fees are subject to local and state sales tax rates in certain states.  Individuals in those states will see the applicable sales tax rate on their membership invoices.

I have an AuctionACCESS membership. Does that mean I’m registered at all auctions?

No. Your AuctionACCESS membership simplifies the credentialing process at all participating auctions. However, since each auction operates independently, they each have their own business procedures and requirements. In order to register with a new auction, please choose one of the following options:


  • Contact the auction you wish to attend prior to the sale and provide them with your AuctionACCESS number.
  • Register with the auction on the day of the sale using your AuctionACCESS mobile card.
Why do you require a form of photo identification?

In today’s evolving regulatory environment, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to “know their customers”. To assist our customers with this requirement, we require a valid form of photo identification to help them recognize their buyers and sellers. Using the photo as well as the identification number from the photo identification provides the auction with the information they need to stay in government compliance. It also helps protect you against possible identity theft. Valid forms of photo identification are a state or province issued driver’s license, a state or province issued “official identification” card, a U.S., Canadian or Mexican passport, or a Mexican voter registration card.

Where can I get more information?

Feel free to call an AuctionACCESS Customer Service Representative M-F, 6am to 7pm CST at 205-414-2739.  Also be sure and review our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.